iPhone 6 Searching No Service Repair

iPhone 6 Searching/No Service Repair



This is a fairly common problem on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The phone will not be able to pick up a signal or it will become very intermittent with it saying “Searching” then bringing up “No Service”. Also if you type in *#06# it will not display the phones IMEI number.

This is basically an issue with the Baseband chip. The phone would have probably suffered a bad drop or because the housing isn’t that strong the constant flexing would have caused it. This causes issues with the solder balls cracking and damaging the actual solder pads the chip sits on. The two solder pads that are most commonly damaged are U1 and V1. Therefore to fix the issue the chip needs reballing along with damage to the solder pads repairing.

The video above shows this repair taking place.